“The things we fear most in organizations — fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances — are the primary sources of creativity.”

– Margaret J. Wheatley



Engaging with the Creative Moment

The field of creativity is a relationship with the raw materials and with the creative moment. It is the clear expression of that moment. It’s about creating something meaningful to achieve harmony and balance. This includes influencing and raising children.  Calendar

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Health + Well Being

Healing for Harmony and Balance

This field of knowledge refers to all aspects of healing – mental, physical, and environmental – to achieve harmony and balance. Calendar

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Expression through Language, Poetry and Performance

By bringing meditation’s spaciousness and clarity of intention into your everyday activities, you can find joy in working for yourself and others. Calendar

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Knowing + Reasoning

Clarifying Our Understanding

The application of logic is the field that enables us to see and examine the concepts that make up our life experience. Using logic, or clear thinking, we can come to gain clarity and a deep understanding of the mind and its world. Calendar

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Inner Science of Mind

Awakening the Heart and Mind

The focus of this field of knowledge is on various forms of mind training, meditation, and other practices that evoke direct insight, or experiences that lead to awakening. Calendar

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